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cherie curie with chainsaw

So I'm going through all my books because times are hard, and I need the cash & maybe the local dumpster of a used bookstore will take whatever I don't want & give me a buck or two like the record stores used to do, when there actually were record stores & rock critics like yrz truly used to get record service from all the labels.

And then I come across this book called (I'm not kidding), Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film,  the idea of which is that the female victim who gets all maimed & cut up in a slasher movie is not just being viewed by male viewers sadistically but is actually an example of something called "a climactic moment of female power."

The author, Ms. Carol Clover, states in her best academic voice that the modern horror movie possesses this positive subversive space where gender ambiguity can be explored and where the traditional boundaries of male & female identity are dissolved.  In other words, when the dame gets stabbed to death, the women like it too!

Well, you can imagine, even though it was published by Princeton University Press & therefore worth more than a buck at the university textbook store nearby, I almost threw this high & mighty gibberish in the trash.  I mean, I've seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre  quite a few times, and not once did any girlfriend of mine cheer when the saw ripped through female flesh or when the hammer slowly beat the captured girl's skull during the dinner scene. In fact, most of the women I knew left the room & then never returned my calls!!

So I decided to see what the stupid book is worth on EBay.  I figure, despite the book's premise, slasher collector sickos might pay me $25 for the thing.  But before I get to EBay, as usual I check out my Facebook page (I'm hooked on FB, what can I say?), and lo & behold, there's some attractive blonde from the West Coast confirming friendship.  Well, to be truthful, ANY attractive female from the West Coast can be my friend, but this one struck a real memory bubble. 

Cherie Currie?  Cherie....currie?  I couldn't place the name, but I knew I knew it from way back when & had maybe met her at a party or....I just couldn't place the name, you know how it is.
Then I realized I gotta figure this out because right there in her info file was this amazing fact. (You know, life works like this sometimes & then it just seems like, well, there ain't a problem worth sniveling over....).....

CHERIE WORKED WITH CHAINSAWS!  I mean, that's what she did for a living!  Cherie carves stuff out of wood & does a damn good job at it, and even poses with the chainsaws so the guys will go buy her product.  She's like this total marketing genius!!

she was also the lead singer

she was also the lead singer of The Runaways with Joan Jett